VSO’S were created to recognize and support veterans, and to stay in contact and maintain the connection, were needed, in support of veterans and their affairs. It evolved into several groups under many names, VFW’s, American Legions, Veterans Hospitals and many others like USO’s etc. Millions Veterans have registered with one of these organizations to be counted and to receive information, on everything from where to go if you are a veteran, help for veterans, camaraderie, entertainment and so on. Active military personal locally, nationally and internationally add to the potential audience, visitors and supporters.

Started in 2010 with the advent of the internet, radio and TV has evolved from what we traditionally know and the combination has opened up doors in this world of communication to allow instant access to all our veterans everywhere through Radio, through TV and Through the Internet radio TV combination call We have created a data base with over 2,000,000, with broadcasts through several radio shows. is primarily Internet and Radio produced, production and program development company, that operates its radio and Internet program distribution world wide

This Is Who We Are

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The American Veterans Alliance is a National Veterans Service Organization with the mission of
advocating for returning veterans (both men and women), veterans from war zones with mental health concerns (PTSD), widows, dependants, homeless, disabled, rural and economically disadvantaged veterans, and the children of homeless veterans.

WVET Radio, TV, Internet was created to inform, educate and especially entertain local, national and international veterans. WE ARE THE VOICE of the Veterans and the connection to 3.5 million veterans & their supporters everywhere. WVET programs provides news, information, stories, and special features that is of interest to all veterans, friends and families of veterans. We also peak the interest of those concerned with Veterans affairs. Subjects on: current news, entertainment news, military news and developments, interviews with individuals and organizations on current affairs, politics, mental health, family issues, special events, sports, spiritual up lifting programs and many other subjects of interest to all.